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Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and Scientific Python Toolkits by Tarek Amr

Why you need to learn machine learning from a book?

And why my book, Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and Scientific Python Toolkits, might be for you?

📖 Machine learning jobs are in high demand, you can see it in the amount of libraries and tutorials out there. Of course, learning from whatever resources you can find is great, and usually free as in free beer. The field is moving so quickly, and books cannot keep up with all new the stuff. Nevertheless, I've seen first-hand how people get stuck if they don't learn the basics. They also get distracted by every new fad, especially if they don't know what actually works in practice. They need to complement their learnings with a textbook that covers the basics and explains the whys.

👉 That's why I wrote this boot to be your practical guide to bootstrap your data science career. It teaches you the fundamentals, and I promise, the amount of mathematics there is not as scary as you think.

📬 To kickstart or advance your machine learning career, you may want to order it from the following links.

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Practical D3.js by Tarek Amr

Order my book: Practical D3

👉 This is your guide to mastering the efficient use of D3.js in professional-standard data visualization projects.

You will learn what data visualization is, how to work with it, and how to think like a D3.js expert, both practically and theoretically. You will learn how to get the data, how to clean and refine it, and how to display it in the best charts and layouts. The book is for experience Front End JavaScript Developers, as well as for Data Journalists who who have basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and some JavaScript.

📖 I co-authored this book with Rayna Stamboliyska. Order it from any of the following links

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Bayesian Experimentation

Bayesian AB-Tests

🔮 Throughout the course of your career, you may need to quantify the effect of changes you make to a product or service. These change can be the introduction of a new design to a website, the creation of a new medicine, or even choosing one football player to take a penalty kick for your team over another in the World Cup final.

🎲 Traditionally, the frequentist approach prevails. However, the Bayesian approach is more intuitive and easy to explain to your stakeholders.

In this article I wrote about the Bayesian hypothesis testing approach.

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URL-Based Web Page Classification using Language Models (MSc. Dissertation)

In today’s world, millions of web links are being shared every day in emails or on social media web sites. Thus, there is a number of contexts in which it is important to have an efficient and reliable way to classify a web-page by its URL, without the need to visit the page itself. 🕸 For example, a social media website may need to quickly identify status updates linking to malicious websites to block them. Additionally, they can use the classification results in marketing researches to predict users’ preferences and interests.

🎓 Thus, the target of this research is to be able to classify web pages using their URLs only.


Quick Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning (RL) is not as commonly used as Supervised Machine Learning. Yet, it is important to know its basics and have it as a part of your own ML toolkit

🎥 These slides have a quick introduction to RL using the Exploding Kittens Card Game.

Reinforcement Learning Slides

Behavioural Economics

After Richard Thaler's book, Misbehaving, I decided to summarise it. This also serves as my very quick introduction to Behavioural Economics

🎥 This slide deck have a quick introduction Behavioural Economics and its concepts

Behavioural Economics Slides

About Me

🐍 I have more than 9 years of experience in data science and machine learning, and 15 years of experience in Python programming.

🎓 After finishing my postgraduate degree at 🇬🇧 The University of East Anglia (UEA), I worked in a number of startups and scale-up companies in 🇪🇬 Egypt and 🇳🇱 The Netherlands.

🐾 In previous lives I used to work as an Information Security Consultant and Presales Manager. I previously volunteerd in Global Voices Online (GVO) and the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN). This background made me interested in the intersection between computer sciene, business strategy and writing.

🔥 In a nutshell, I am trying to challenge the old saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none".

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Jack of all trades, Master of Machine Learning