Published Books
Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and Scientific Python Toolkits

Author: Tarek Amr - ISBN-13: 978-1838826048 - Packt Publishing (c) July 24, 2020

📚 This book is your practical guide to bootstrap your data science career, and to start buildning hands-on machine learning solutions with scikit-learn and its related ecosystem. 📬 Order it from the following links.

Practical D3.js: Master the use of D3.js in the real world

Authors: Tarek Amr & Rayna Stamboliyska - ISBN-13: 978-1484219270 - Apress (c) 2016

📚 This book is your guide to Data Visualisation using D3.js & JavaScript. 📝 I co-authored this book with Rayna Stamboliyska. 📬 Order it from the following links.

Python Data Visualization Cookbook

Authors: Igor Milovanović, Dimitry Foures and Giuseppe Vettigli - Reviewer: Tarek Amr - Packt Publishing (c) 2013

📚 Over 70 recipes to get you started with popular Python libraries based on the principal concepts of data visualization


Authors: Tarek Amr, Hamed Abdel-Samad, Naomi Klein, Ronald Grätz, Hans-Georg Knopp et al. - IFA Publikationen (c) 2011

📚 Texte zu Politik, Gesellschaft, Alltag und Kunst. 🇩🇪 I wrote one chapter, among many other authors.

Research and Articles
URL-Based Web Page Classification using Language Models

Authors: Tarek Amr and Beatriz De La Iglesia - Research Paper / KDIR14 (c) 2014

🎓 The goal of this research is to be able to classify web pages using their URLs only.

URL-Based Web Page Classification using Language Models

Authors: Tarek Amr - MSc. Dissertation (c) 2013

🎓 The goal of this research is to be able to classify web pages using their URLs only.

A Survey on Feature Selection Techniques

Author: Tarek Amr - UEA School Report (c) 2013

🥢 Feature selection plays an important role in the data mining process. 🔎 In this review, we discuss the different feature selection approaches, and the relation between them and the various machine learning algorithms.

A Survey on Time-Series Data Classification

Author: Tarek Amr - UEA School Report (c) 2012

⏰ Time-series (or sequential) data are every where. They are important in stock market analysis, economics, sales forecasting, and the study of natural phenomena such as temperature and wind speed. 🔎 In this report, I focus on time-series data classification by shedding the light on the researches done in this area.

Language Identification: Do You Speak London?

Author: Tarek Amr - Open Source Library (c) 2013

🌍 Do You Speak London (dysl) is a command line tool and python library for natural language identification, also known as LangID, using character-based n-Gram Language Model. Currently pre-packaged with training data for 4 languages; English, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese. However, you can simply re-train it on your own dataset. 🤖 This paper explains the basic architecture of the library as well as its theoretical background.

Human-Computer Interaction

Author: Tarek Amr and Rakan Alassaf - Misc UEA School Reports (c) 2012

🗂 Misc school reports on Usability and Human-Computer Interaction

Linux-Based DiffServ Router

Authors: Tarek Amr, Zein Wali, Ashraf Rahoma, Hazem Hassanein and Hossam El-Sayed Abd Allah - BSc. Cairo University (c) 2002

💻 We built a GUI software on top of the Linux TC (Traffic Control), to apply QoS to the network traffic. 🚀 A DSCP mark is applied to each class. Then the traffic is shaped and prioritized according to those classes.

Blogs and Tutorials
Pie and Donut Charts using D3.js

Author: Tarek Amr - School of Data (c) 2013

🌀 D3.js is a JavaScript library that is widely used in data visualisation and animation. The power of d3.js and its flexibility, comes at the expense of its steep learning curve. There are some libraries built on top of it that provide numerous off-the-shelf charts in order to make the users’ life easier, however, learning to work with d3.js is essential sometimes, especially when you need to create sophisticated and custom visualisations.

How to build an Interactive Dictionary using ElasticSearch

Author: Tarek Amr - Meedan (c) 2014

🌊 ElasticSearch is a search server based on Lucene. 💬 It provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine with a RESTful web interface and schema-free JSON documents. Nevertheless, there are endless uses of Elasticsearch beyond that, and here is one of them.

Predict the Future with Regression Analysis using Scikit-Learn and a little bit of Python

Author: Tarek Amr - Simple Machine Learning Tutorial (c) 2016

⛅ Introduction to regression analysis and the very basics of machine learning using Scikit-Learn and a little bit of Python.

How we built a Recommendation System at TicketSwap

Author: Tarek Amr - TicketSwap (c) 2020

♪ TicketSwap is second-hand tickets marketplace. ♬ To make sure we recommend the best events for our fans, we had to build a recommendation engine that can predict their taste. ♫ In this post, I explain our Neural Embedding approach, and the steps we took from data enrichment to model evaluation and deployment. We used libraries such as Gendsim and Flask. ♩ So feel free to contact me about any further technical details.

A gentle introduction to Confidence Intervals

Author: Tarek Amr - CodeX (c) 2021

🤖 While interviewing applicants for a data analyst position at my employer, I was shocked to find out that many of the applicants do not fully grasp basic statistical concepts, such as standard error and confidence intervals. These aren’t obscure statistical concepts, but essential ones for the job, thus, I wanted to spend some time here explaining them in more details.

Generalized Linear Models (GLM)

Author: Tarek Amr - CodeX (c) 2021

🖋 As its name suggests, the Generalized Linear Model is an extension to our ultimate favorite Linear Regression algorithm. I am sure y’all know the theory behind the linear regressors quite well, so I will limit the next section to just the details needed for understand the GLMs.

Pytest’s assert is not what you think it is

Author: Tarek Amr - CodeX (c) 2022

🌳 What is Abstract Syntax Trees, or AST for short? And how pytest hacks it to give you a better UX?

Discovery, Recommendation and Curation: How are we connecting talent with fans

Speakers: Roxanne De Bastion, Chris Carey and Tarek Amr - Bright Festival Italy (c) 2021

♬ Since we are born we are in an exploration mode, we always want to know what’s new, what’s trend, discover the news related to our interests. In the post-covid era even more, connection is what people want. Being connected among each other and being connected to what we like. Discovery platforms' goal is to serve this purpose; through these platforms consumers can find what’s interesting for them, publishers can increase engagement with their content while monetising on ads space, paid by advertisers to show their products/services to the right target audiences.

SWE & MLE: Path-dependent Processes

Speakers: Joshua Cage and Tarek Amr - The London Data Science Meetup (c) 2021

🌊 The term “Path dependence” is used in the history of economics. When there are two groups, each go through different historic events, and consequently take different actions, the two groups end up having two different economies, no matter how small and insignificant the actions they took. In this talk, I argued that software engineers (SWE's) and machine learning engineers (MLE's) also went through path dependent processes and ended up having different cultures

Machine learning & Data Analysis [Ar]

Speakers: Eslam Mahmoud and Tarek Amr (c) 2021

🌊 Eslam Mahmoud had a chat with me about my role as Lead Machine Learning Engineer at TicketSwap. The discussion went to the differences between Machine Learning and Data Analysis, we jumped from topic to topic, till we ended up talking for almost 2 hours.

Data Driven Marketplaces [Ar]

Speaker: Tarek Amr - MENA Startup Summit (c) 2020

🗂 Tarek Amr will talk about the role of data science in building online platforms for eCommerce marketplaces. Online marketplaces are great business models with plenty of peculiar problems to deal with. As Tarek has spent most of his career as a data scientist in marketplaces platforms, he would shed the light on some of the problems and how the data-driven approach is used to solve them.

Non-tech Talks
The war on endomorphs has to end

Author: Tarek Amr - Medium (c) 2022

🍩 Why “eat less and exercise more” isn’t the answer? Tips for losing weight and getting in shape according to your body (somato)type.

Multicultural Robots and Racist Machines

Author: Tarek Amr - Deutsche Welle (c) 2017

🤖 Is it possible for computers to become racist and act upon stereotypes? Maybe it is better to understand computers, robots and machine learning to understand their limitations and possibilities.

Mwazna: New Transparency Platform Aims to Make Egyptian Politics More Objective

Author: Joana Breidenbach - Huff Post (c) 2015

💰 Mwazna is the Arabic for “state budget”, and it’s the name of a new platform which lets citizens monitor the income and spending of the Egyptian government.

Egypt’s revolution will get a shot in the arm with data to show how the government spends its money

💰 Mwazna (budget in Arabic) the brainchild of a data scientist, Tarek Amr, and a web developer and hacker, Amr Sobhy, aims to inform Egyptians on how their money is being spent through an easy to use site.

Egypt: The Unspoken Languages of the Streets

Author: Tarek Amr - Global Voices (c) 2011

🔊 We as humans have a unique ability to communicate via spoken languages. 🔇 However, in a crowded and loud city like Cairo, we sometimes need more than a spoken language to communicate.

Story Curation

Author: Tarek Amr - Global Voices (c) 2011

🍲 Using social media updates to build a news story. 🍒 In this slides I summarize how we curate stories in Global Voices from social media updates, after adding context to them.

Networked Revolts

Author: Tarek Amr - Konteiner and Re-public Greece (c) 2011

👑 My presentation in Networked Revolts session held in Athens, Greece, May 2011. The session was discussing the uprisings spreading across North Africa and the Middle East and its relation to Social Media.

Failed Startups - Lessons Learned

Author: Tarek Amr - GeekFest Cairo (c) 29 May 2010

🎖 A presentation about my failed startup and the lessons I learned from its failure.

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