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Pain Points

Keep track of your frequent annoyances, understand their impact on others, and build solutions for them.

😏 “Scratch your own itch,” has to be one of most heard terms in the world of business and startups. However, many times those small annoyances, we face everyday, go unnoticed. To train myself to pay attention to them, I keep a list of pain points on my phone. But I wanted an easier way to keep them and also share them with others to get their feedback Note: Took if offline, wasn't successful

Open Source Projects
IRLib (Information Retrieval Library)

Authors: Tarek Amr / Unmaintained since 2013

🎓 I started writing this library as part of my Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing (IR and NLP) module at the University of East Anglia. It was mainly meant to detect Review Spam (Machine Learning - Classification). However, It has more functionalities such as Vector Space Model (VSM), as well as some other IR functions such as tokenizing, n-grams, stemming and PoS (Part of Speech) tagging.

Jack of all trades, Master of Machine Learning